We have 6 assembly floors with 17 conveyor belts and 600 cell tables
(Cell Production system). The combined facilities provide both flexibilities
and efficiency in the production of Toys and OEM products.

1.1 Conveyor Belt


1.2 Cell Tables


2. Spray


Our 204 spray booth are all equipped with powerful exhaust duct. We are able to create injection parts with spray decoration, tampo stamping and hot stamping.


3. PCB Assembly

We also make electronic circuit board (PCB) using the latest technology with lead-free reflow ovens for SMT assembly (RoHS compliant).

4. Injection

We have up-graded our conventional injection machine to the latest (10) e-machine,
running 24-hour to meet the requirement of all customers.

5. Mould Tooling


We are capable of designing and making injection mould using sophisticated
arching machine.


6. Engineering


Our team of engineers is all trained in various aspects of engineering field,
printed circuit board design, retail packaging design, 3-D tooling technical drawing, plastic gear mechanism design, electronic IC design, and mould design.


7. QC

We used to say that we could make any Toys, which comply with the toy standards in
each country. However, the perception of our consumer has been strengthened and
we are asked to provide the best satisfaction to them.

Concerning the result in greater consumer satisfaction, we do the best for Quality Control. TOMY (Thailand) Ltd has been certified ISO9002. Our products were sampling to be inspected base on Military Standard. TAKARATOMY Quality Standard was developed to ensure that all products not only pass International Standard (EU as EN71, RoHS, USA as ASTM, Japan as ST) but also meet consumerís satisfaction.

The products were also tested to guarantee its quality by external experienced laboratory. We also have our own test equipments to use for product reliability testing. The inspections for Finished Products were taken by ILQC (Inline QC) team who will stay at assembly area to sampling product from line conveyor or cell production. These kinds of inspection review enable rapid action to be taken to ensure quality excellence.


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